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Paris - London
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Aesthetic and Plastic Medicine by Dr. KACEM Paris
Aesthetic Medicine allows anyone wishing to correct any unsightly default of the body or face without resorting to surgery.
Aesthetic Medicine is done without general anesthesia, without hospitalization, without incision of the skin, therefore no suture and no scar.
At most you could experiment a few bruises and swellings completely reversible within a few days.

Aesthetic Medicine is certainly a medical discipline, but it is primarily a discipline that requires above all a great Artistic Sense and great Dexterity.
If learning different techniques is of course necessary and essential, that learning is not enough.
The fingering and Artistic Sense are essential to achieve best results.
The fingering and Artistic Sense are essential for good practice of Aesthetic Medicine.

In many cases, the Aesthetic Medicine will have the desired results, but in a reversible manner.
It is an essential attribute of Aesthetic Medicine vs Cosmetic Surgery.
To illustrate, a person may feel the need to increase volume of lips and change their mind later.
In Aesthetic Medicine volumizing products utilized is hyaluronic acid, it is completely resorvable in time, and volumizing effect it creates diminish and disappear, with so back to the anterior state.

Aesthetic Medicine, thanks to different tools, corrects wrinkles on the face, neck, Restore Face Volumes, Improves Relaxation of fabrics, erases red spots, brown spots, whatever their seat; treats acne, Scars of Acne, varicose and spider veins of the legs, rejuvenates hands, and the list is long.

Plastic Medicine allows volume restoration of the face, naturally lost with age.
Plastic Medicine also allows the correction of the contours of face, cheekbones and Oval of the Face thanks to Silhouette Soft Threads, as well as the contours of the body.

All these treatments are done in a medical office, without anesthesia and without downtime (you resume the normal course of your life just after treatment), Moreover, since there is never any skin incision there will be no suture and no scar.
Aesthetic and Plastic Medicine cater to all adults in that there is a psychological discomfort negatively impacting on daily life.

Aesthetic Physician must therefore make his fingering to achieve a natural and satisfactory result.
Aesthetic Physician must also understand that each face is unique, it must be understood that treating a Face or a body is always a challenge whenever renewed!

Dr.KACEM specializes in Aesthetic, Plastic and Anti-Age Medicine.
He also specializes in Cosmetic traitements of the skin with Laser.

Dr KACEM made his debut in this discipline over ten years, in 2002, in Paris, where he is based to this day.
He was formed by french physicians and surgeons pioneers in this discipline and world-renowned as Dr Patrick Rabineau and Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh.
Dr.KACEM has over the years built a reputation based first on a long Listening to his patients and then on the Customize care.
His designed Aesthetic Medicine is strictly Qualitative!
Dr.KACEM has essentially Artisanal and Artistic vision of Aesthetic Medicine, this has a direct impact on his practice, from the first consultation to the completion of treatment.
Dr. KACEM has also an activity dedicated to Consulting. 
He is Consultant in Breast Augmentation with Autologeous Fat Transfer and Liposuction, in France and the United Kingdom, for a group of highly specialized clinics in this procedure, based in Munich (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic), where these two procedures are performed under local anesthesia, without Surgery, without Downtime and with the best ratio quality/price.

Dr.KACEM is Consultant and Trainer for Vital Aesthetics Laboratory, a world leader in the medical aesthetics, he is also Consultant and Trainer for CosmoSciences Laboratory.
Dr.KACEM is Consultant for Accor Group Resorts and Spa, Middle East.
Dr KACEM est spécialiste dans les domaines suivants : BOTOX, Liquid lift ou lifting médical et Produits de comblement à base d’acide hyaluronique sur le portail Estheticon.fr.